Friday, May 15, 2009

$6000 Budget!

We had to rearrange our budget some to fit Willow Pond in. $5000 was a little unrealistic for the wedding we wanted, so we bumped it up to $6000. I over-estimated on a lot of things, so I'm sure we'll probably come in under budget. Our budget does not include our attire because we're each going to pay for our own.

Location fee: $0 (we're using a part of our reception venue)
Officiant fee: $0 (we're using a family friend)
Ceremony accessories: $0
License: $100

Location fee: $1495
Insurance: $200
Set-up fee: $175
Clean-up fee: $150
Kitchen fee: $100
Food & Service: $565 (we're using Sonny's as our caterer)
Plates and flatware: $50
Bar & Bartender: $500
Cake: $125

Dress: $0
Alterations: $100
Veil: $0
Garter: $0
Lingerie: $20
Hair & Make-up: $50
Mani & Pedi: $0
Groom's Tux: $0
Groom's Accessories: $0

Flowers & Decorations
Ceremony decor: $10
Bride's bouquet: $50
BM's bouquets: $50
Centerpieces/Reception decor: $150
Guest Book: $25
Tables and tablecloths: $200

DJ: $700

Photographer: $700

Save-the-dates & postage: $15
Invitations: $50
Postage: $50
Programs: $5
Thank You Cards: $5

Wedding Rings
His: $100
Hers: $100

Attendant Gifts
BMs: $30
GMs: $30
Favors: $5


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Sherlyj said...

How in the world did you get a dress that cost $0?

Judy said...

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